Money Ball

Money Ball? Statistically speaking…the BEST sports for Girls & Boys to Play in HS for a college scholarship

I loved the movie money ball and I thought, how can that concept be applied to High School sports. Ok, somewhat of a reach but bear with me. Statistically, High School sports is a numbers games. The less kids that play your sport and the more Colleges that offer scholarships the better it is for you. Obvious, perhaps, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look under the hood and get a feel for which sports offer you the best opportunity.

I took a look at the vast array of High School sports that High School students participate in. I also took a look at college eligible sport scholarships. It’s an interesting view for sure. When I looked at the numbers I thought, “Well, that is somewhat obvious but that sport was not!!!” It’s a tricky study though because not all colleges offer scholarships for the same sports. Some offer scholarships for crew and some do not.

One thought to consider, Title IX impacts not only female athletes but also male athletes. If a school has a massive football team and has x scholarships allocated for football, that same school needs to have equal scholarships for female sports. Since females tend not to play football you will see those required scholarships allocated amongst Field Hockey or crew or other sports.

How do you know which schools have a crew team? That’s where we come in. Idea being, understand which schools actually have a crew team. Are you a High School Junior from Philadelphia and want a quick look at all the schools that have a crew team? Well, that’s the idea  However, we started with girls’ basketball and in time hope to get to the other sports.

Now for the data. I took a look at the “High School Athletic Participation Survey” conducted by the National Federation of State HS Associations. The list showed 40 High School sports. Everything from the obvious, football, to the not so obvious, synchronized swimming for boys (ok, ok, stop your snickering).

Here is what I found for sports that will give you a serious edge.

For High School girls, the top sports to target for a College scholarship:

1 Ice Hockey
2 Golf
3 Lacrosse
4 Basketball
5 Track & Field (Outdoor)
6 Water Polo, Fencing, Bowling (TIED)

For High School boys, the top sports to target for a College scholarship:

1 Volleyball
2 Gymnastics
3 Equestrian
4 Crew
5 Swimming & Diving

Again, it’s a tricky study. You have to consider, a) do you like the sport? And b) does the college you want to attend offer scholarships for this sport? Women’s college basketball scholarship for example. We are working on this part as we speak, more to come! 

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