Jerry Maguire – finding a GOOD AAU team fit is critical

Where is Jerry Maguire when I need him! When it comes to finding a college basketball scholarship for your daughter it feels as if you need a full time sports agent. With that, you really need to try a good AAU basketball team. However, it’s not that easy. As a friend of mine once said…”Kelty, all AAU teams are dysfunctional, it’s simply what level of dysfunction are you willing to deal with…” I thought, wow, he’s on to something there! This dysfunction runs through coaches to parents to players.

Unfortunately it seems that in the world of AAU basketball if you have a decent player on your hands you really need to figure out what the best situation is for your child. Meaning, the variables to consider for the team you are assessing, items such as:

1 – How are the players when it comes to skill level and personality

2 – What type of offense does the coach run

3 – Does he or she have college contacts

4 – What type of personality is your daughter and will she mesh with the coaches personality

5 – How many practices a week do they have

6 – How close is the gym to where you live

7 – What is the cost for team and travel to tournaments around the US

8 – How many tournaments do they play in

9 – Maybe most importantly, where does he see your child fitting in (and do you believe him/her)

It’s not easy but if you try to check off these boxes you will likely be successful in finding the right fit for your daughter.

Good luck my friends!

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