Parents have Terets please just SHUT UP!!!

Yeah, I know you feel me. Parents do have terets. Hard to deny. I’ve caught myself and witnessed others  yelling things at HS girls’ basketball games. All in all I think I’m pretty good not to say much at all because I don’t want to embarrass my daughter but last season during a tough state

Oh those F!&%$#@ Refs!!!

Yeah, I know I know, some think the refs are always terrible. Not sure what to say about this one but here goes… 1 – Depending on the age of the kids somewhat determines the level of referee officiating ability. Meaning, if the refs call every infraction during a 3rd grade girls’ basketball

Is UConn good for Women’s Hoops?

There has been much debate as of late on this very topic. It’s all over the media, attached link as evidence  At first brush my immediate reaction was UConn Wom

What is the path to get really good at hoops?

I've been asked this very question many times over the years and I’ll provide the best answer I can. I’ll start at the beginning. We live in a small town and during the season participate in our local town intramural rec program. The town runs it as an opportunity for the young kids to get a fee

Money Ball? Statistically speaking…the BEST sports for Girls & Boys to Play in HS for a college scholarship

I loved the movie money ball and I thought, how can that concept be applied to High School sports. Ok, somewhat of a reach but bear with me. Statistically, High School sports is a numbers games. The less kids that play your sport and the more Colleges that offer scholarships the better it is for you