What the heck is Title9hoops?

Well, that’s a good question. It’s kind of a hobby that started over time. I’m a bit of data nerd, an Economics major in college, I like people, love sports, love solving problems. Then, as we know, life gets in the way, goes by fast whether we want it to or not, you buy a house, you have kids and then you put a hoop up on the driveway. Well, some of us do. Eventually you might paint the lines…put up a light for those dark October nights when it’s still warm enough to shoot but too dark to see your nose.

Yes, you guessed it, I’ve got three daughters who play hoops, and two are late grammar school and one in high school. All three are pretty decent players. My high schooler is starting to look at colleges and a solid player, 6’ 1” (legit, sans sneakers), plays the 5 spot in our little town and on her AAU team a stretch 4 spot.

Anyhooo, I’m getting to the point I promise. My wife says I talk too much and tell stories like my mother. Oh boy, Mom don’t read any further! I said, “Well, I am of Irish descent and we tell stories, laugh and drink a beer (or two after a bball game on weekends!).

Ok, more to the point, I digress, back to my high schooler since she is the furthest along in this crazy college hoops journey. She’s a decent player right, does some things well some things not so well but all in doing some really good work. Hence, fast forward to these NCAA live periods where college coaches gather to efficiently see the talent that exists. 30 courts, 30 games per hour from 8am to 9pm at night. Wow! Seriously, it’s crazy efficient and strange too, I’ll get to that later…

Anyhow, she goes to Boo Williams, Nashville Battle of the Boro, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando AAU Nationals, etc. and has gotten some interest from various schools with varying levels of interest in her. Woohooooo!!! That’s exciting! Letters in the mail, some schools I’ve heard of, some I’ve never heard of. Then I thought, how the heck do we do this? Seems like this is a one way street. We have to wait until the school comes to her!?!? How do we take “some” control of this process. How do we figure out a) what’s a good school “fit” for her academically, b) a decent bball program “fit” for her and, c) college is kind of expensive so is there any chance for some help for mom & dad? Or, is there a way to help her get in to the athlete admission stack in the college admissions office. Instead of competing with 50,000 applicants you are competing with 50 girls as an athlete.  Anyhow, the idea is to try to find a quick and easy way to discover the schools out there that have a bball program and are good academically…you can’t!

I decided to build a simple search engine that I worked with some friends in India and we built Title9hoops. Simply, a quick and easy way to sift through the 900+ Division I, II and III schools out there that may be a good fit for you athletically and academically.

The current system of practice as hard as you can and “hopefully” you’ll get noticed doesn’t seem like the best strategy to me for “hope” is not a strategy. So, we created a model which will help young female athletes streamline their process for identifying potential college and university targets and take charge of the process! Then, your goal of a women’s college basketball scholarship is a possibility.

The idea of is just that, be proactive, identify a potential college or university where you think you may be a fit. If you determine that there may be a fit then you should reach out to the coach and start a dialogue.

With the costs of college in the US soaring and with the emergence of Title IX in the US in the 1970’s, the steady rise of female participation in athletics continues. There has never been a better time to be a HS female athlete. Let our model help you find your place in the college bball world!!! is your starting point.

Enjoy the journey, it’s about to begin!!!

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