Oh those F!&%$#@ Refs!!!

Yeah, I know I know, some think the refs are always terrible. Not sure what to say about this one but here goes…

1 – Depending on the age of the kids somewhat determines the level of referee officiating ability. Meaning, if the refs call every infraction during a 3rd grade girls’ basketball game you will be there for 4 hours!!! Not fun for anyone. They are never going to call every single infraction.

2 – It’s not personal. If the ref makes a bad call it happens. Happens all the time. Yeah it sucks but that’s life. They tend to make bad calls both ways. I laugh when a ref makes a bad call in my team’s favor the parents don’t say a peep but when the ref makes a bad call against us, oh boy, look out!

3 – For a player to question a call is just simply a bad idea. You don’t want to draw undue attention from the ref to you! They are human and will now be paying more attention to you then they normally would. Keep any dialogue you would like to have and faces you would like to make or arm waving you would like to perform on Broadway to yourself. Please parents, this applies to you as well.

4 – Refs are getting paid what $40 or $50 bucks. The want to be involved. They love the game. Give em a break.

5 – If your daughter is playing on the HS circuit and especially if they are focused on a college basketball scholarship, make sure they are always polite and thank the ref after the game. Can’t hurt!

In closing, try to ignore the refs, they are human, they can’t see everything going on. You are watching your child 100% of the time and you see every little elbow and unwarranted nudge while the ref is watching 10 players. Yep, so they spend approximately 10% of their time focusing on your child.

It is what it is, deal with it!

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