Crazy Parents Part 1: Apoplexy Lexy

Well, where to start. I guess I’ll go back to 6th grade when my daughter played for “Apoplexy Lexy” on our town travel team. To set the stage, Lexy had her own daughter on the team as well, who, yes you could guess, was a brat and still is. You know the type, her mom is the coach so she can do whatever and everyone else is held to a higher standard. Lexy was extremely, shall we say, apoplectic at times, would lose her s&@t on other players but never on her own child. Crazy!

Lexy was hammering my daughter in practice and finally my daughter came home crying and unloaded on what had been said and going on for months to her by crazy Lexy. For example, some advice as to what NOT to say to a young impressionable teenage 7th grader by Coach Lexy.

“you’re a sloth!!!” (said to X)

“keep those big feet behind the foul line.” (said to X)

“you are not a shooter we have shooters and you are not one of them to kick the ball to Oompa Loompa (Coaches daughter).

“You will never play basketball in college!” (Said to X who did manage a slot at a D1 Ivy League. As for her daughter? you guessed it, not so much.)

Sought out my 13 yr old daughter after my daughter beat her daughter, Oompa Loompa1, in a Summer 1-on-1 tournament in 7th grade and Lexy said “X you know that didn’t mean a thing you know that right!”

During an 8th grade Rec game Apoplexy Lexy said “your younger daughter is the athlete not X…X is non-athletic and slow.”

Finally after all this we decided enough was enough and in 8th grade, after three years of this abuse we finally decided to remove my daughter X from the town Travel Team as did many many others. Apoplexy Lexy came back and tried to manipulate me to say “we won’t have a team if X doesn’t play…” Yeah, well we went from 12+ players in 6th grade to 6 players in 8th grade, hmm, I wonder why?  She then had our HS coach reach out to me to try and get X to play. My daughter X said, “you know dad, how could an adult say those things to a 13 year old girl, telling me that I would never amount to anything…”

Well, fast forward, my daughter X turned out to have quite the HS career despite Lexy’s efforts to derail her. My daughter X developed into a stretch 4, she is 6’2”, she scored 1,000 pts in HS, was the all time leading shot blocker and rebounder in school history, shot 90% from the FT line and was heavily recruited for college. X eventually decided on a D1, Ivy League school with great positive coaches and teammates. She is working her butt off but couldn’t be happier.

Moral of the story, protect your kids from abusive coaches, recognize the signs and don’t be afraid to make a move if necessary. I should have realized this sooner and I take it as my fault for not calling BS on it sooner. I should have known something was awry when Lexy got fired as the girls HS softball coach for being abusive to players. Allegedly she told our AD to go F himself as she departed.

Also, Lexy, if you read this, try a super size Prozac you f*&%$#@ nut bag!

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