It’s the dream of many high school basketball players  to play at the college level. The dream is to achieve a full ride scholarship. It’s hard to deny that getting scholarships for basketball is not at all easy and almost all scholarships for any form of sport are competitive. It is important for students to plan in advance in the hopes of winning a scholarship for them.

What are the basic fundamentals for College basketball?

There are close to 1,800 men and 1,800 women basketball programs in the United States across different colleges and states which provide the opportunity for a basketball scholarship. High school girls’ basketball scholarship options are made available for all basketball division levels. Basketball at the college level is governed by 3 major athletic associations of national level, which are:

  • NCAA – NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association which was introduced some 100 years back. The association acts toward the regulation of all athletic aspects of sports in college. There are 3 divisions which decide the way any member colleges or universities can work towards recruitment of basketball players and provide scholarships for basketball players. The member colleges and universities need to follow the rules or else severe penalties will be charged.
  • NAIA–NAIA stands for National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. For this association the members are small colleges as well as larger universities across the country. Quite a few scholarships are offered under this association, but less than the NCAA. The schools under the NAIA  targets talented high school basketball players  to help them in turning  their basketball playing skills on the court verses a regular college education. The number of scholarships issued per school is decided by the association only and no personal recommendations are entertained here.
  • NJCAA–NJCAA stands for National Junior College Athletics Association. It acts as the regulating bodyfor community colleges as well as junior college basketball programs. This body provides a ray of hope to students who are not prepared for direct admission for four year college just yet. NJCAA also has 3 divisions like the above 2 to decide the number of scholarships to be issued.

The above organizations are responsible for setting the rules towards protecting the student-athletes in college. These organizations keep an eye on the number of scholarships issued per college every year and this is  what makes the scholarship process very competitive for the student athlete.  Picking the best students for a prospective basketball scholarship is the only intention of these associations.

How to get a scholarship for Basketball and how to enhance the chances for getting the same?

Students who already earned their scholarship started planning for the process well in advance. Recruiting process starts when the students are in 9thgrade through attending AAU basketball tournaments throughout the country.. They typically have the opportunity to be seen by college coaches while they are in high school and their skill level is assessed by the coaches and their stage of development assessed. To help a coach visualize your performance in person you can send a video of your performance against a good competitor. You need to send a whole game not a partial game. They really don’t want a “best of” highlight reel.

There are so many players in the US and internationally looking for college basketball scholarships each year and only 5,000 candidates are lucky enough to obtain a college basketball scholarship each year. Not easy but it can be done! Your ability to exhibit high quality skills and show videos of performance are the minimum requirements to hit the bull’s eye and create interest in a coach for recruiting the high school basketball player.

How to be in the know about the colleges who offer basketball scholarships:

You must know that basketball players who get women’s basketball scholarship are not always the best players at the high school level. Keeping in mind the 5 levels of competition, different academic requirements (Ivy League for example), character and player requirements, the selection of the best candidate varies greatly by each individual college basketball program. Depending on the capabilities of the student, coaches may act in a flexible manner in regards to academic requirements for seeking admission to the university of choice. Only a few of the scholarships offer a full DI ride and are typically only offered by DI basketball programs. From my research there is no such program that offers a guaranteed 4 years scholarship. All scholarships are for a period of one year only. Do your research and find the best colleges for basketball scholarships which is easy with

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