Crazy Parents Part 2: Tommy the Turd

Well, here is craziness at a whole new level. Tommy the Turd is an interesting character. How do I summarize his personality. He reminds me of the kid from growing up in NYC that would sucker punch you and run away. That's pretty much him. All talk and not much else. He's "tough" when he has backers

Be very careful with whom you trust to coach your daughter

Well, I can only share my own experiences in dealing with HS coaches but from what I hear, my experience is nothing new. Many AAU parents tell me the same narrative. Basically it is 50 / 50 whether you get a good or bad HS coach. From my families experience, we've had pretty good success with AAU co

Crazy Parents Part 1: Apoplexy Lexy

Well, where to start. I guess I'll go back to 6th grade when my daughter played for "Apoplexy Lexy" on our town travel team. To set the stage, Lexy had her own daughter on the team as well, who, yes you could guess, was a brat and still is. You know the type, her mom is the coach so she can do whate

One of the most important decision you will ever make for your child: Public or Private school

The question of should I send my child to a private school or a public school is a big debate these days within many communities within the United States. My town is no different. What I realized is that there are distinct differences between a private school and public-school education. The fact

Jerry Maguire – finding a GOOD AAU team fit is critical

Where is Jerry Maguire when I need him! When it comes to finding a college basketball scholarship for your daughter it feels as if you need a full time sports agent. With that, you really need to try