Be very careful with whom you trust to coach your daughter

Well, I can only share my own experiences in dealing with HS coaches but from what I hear, my experience is nothing new. Many AAU parents tell me the same narrative. Basically it is 50 / 50 whether you get a good or bad HS coach. From my families experience, we’ve had pretty good success with AAU coaches and not so good experience with our own High School coach. I mean some of this stuff is straight out of a bad reality TV show. I wish it were fake but sadly it is not.

Anyhow, I’ll refer to our HS coach as Mo Faka. Mo Faka has a long and distinguished record of anger management issues, creepy behavior among teenage girls and basically having little understanding of basketball or any leadership skills for that matter + he’s pretty lazy. He told me once, “Kelty, I look at this as one big family and your kids are part of my family…” little did I know, it had to be one of the most dysfunctional families I was putting my future 6’2″, D1 bound daughter into.

I could go on for a long time, but for the sake of time here are some of the crazy antics that we experienced before I had to pull my other two daughters and place them in a better environment. This is what I heard and experienced myself. “Allegedly” these things occurred. Who knows. In midlife I do know that where there’s smoke there’s fire. Here goes:

– As a coach, Faka would play favorites of the girls that kissed his buttocks. As one parent said to me, “he likes the little blonds.” He would try to be friends with teenage girls. As Apoplexy Lexy said (see other post) “he cornered my daughter when all the other players were off the bus and said “are you mad at me, what’s wrong?” Ummmm…can you say Spidey sense creep meter going off? Lexy’s daughter told her whole town rec team about this episode one Saturday morning prior to a game.

– Apoplexy Lexy would txt with Coach Mo Faka during games! We know this because the HS guidance counselor / Asst principal told us they told Faka to stop! Then I get an anonymous letter in the mail saying “Allegedly, you know who was texting the coach all season long.” Tommy the Turd (see other post) apparently thinks his letter was anonymous. Cowardly jackass.

– Mo Faka shared a confidential conversation with, “Apoplexy Lexy” who shared with her daughter “Oompa Loompa1” who then shared with the team. Then, the poor kid was targeted by Oompa Loompa1 and her henchmen. Lord of The Flies ensues.

– My freshman daughter got hammered in practice playing Varsity as a Freshman. It was assault. Jealousy is a bad thing. Her Sister, a Jr at the time had to step in and stop it. Then Oompa Loompa1 and Oompa Loompa2 and their parents went after my kids and my family. Mo Faka, totally lost control of the team.

– Mo Faka took the team to the DA Summer camp. He thought he had a really good team and put them in the top bracket. Yes, they got their butts handed to them. He was pissed!!! During one of his rants he said “F*ck AAU all they want is your money!!!!!!.” This was in front of the team. Then he threw a clipboard and kicked a chair which almost nailed one of his players. Of course he denied it.

– Mo Faka didn’t fully understand or realize that the players who were flirting with him and he thought he was friends with were actually mocking him and making fun of him at practice behind his back. They (Oompa Loompa1) would throw stuff at him, Turd’s daughter would video it and post it on Instagram for all to see! Mo Faka was CLUELESS to all of it.

– Social media…oh boy!!! Mo Faka had no idea how to control his players use of social media. Keep reading! On Instagram, one girl posted a  full frontal nudie pic and sent it out by accident for mass distribution. Another player on the team, one of Turd’s daughters, had a video of her vaping, kissing another girl and then sending it to boys at another HS a few towns from us. Then there is the infamous Oompa Loompa1 (Lexy’s daughter) post about “Licking and Raping Nude Men.” No repercussions. Imagine if a boy posted “Raping Nude Women”?  Mo Faka, again, had nooooo controlllll.

– My daughter who eventually found her way to an Ivy League D1 bball roster and “Blanks” daughter were being recruited at the time. We needed game film. Mo Faka’s response, “oh yeah, ok, no problem…” Weeks go by nothing! Again, LAZY LAZY LAZY.

– Back to the DA college camp bball trip. Faka, would always stop at a theme park on the way to the DA camp. The bus would empty the girls into a theme water park with teenage girls in bikinis, hazing would take place at night, a total mess. Creepy factor anyone? Probably not the best decision by Faka. The administration did one good thing and finally shut this lawsuit waiting to happen down.

What does this all mean, I guess be very very careful to vet the coach your daughter is going to play for. In my experience, AAU coaches blow away HS coaches. Although, an exception to the rule, my daughters really enjoy playing for their current HS coach. He’s positive, supportive, inspires, leads and is disciplined and a good coach of the game. He’s like Tony Dungy, very even keeled, all respect him, has daughters and understands how to relate to teenage girls in a proper way. Good strong man all around. Teammates are supportive and really good kids and nice parents.

As for my wife and I, we said “well, it’s half-time, let’s regroup”, so we decided to pull my two younger daughters away from the above madness and moved them both to private school. Phew! Best decision we ever made.

As for Mo Faka? Well, I don’t know, a tenured teacher who coaches girls hoops, married for the 3rd time yet he’s coaching young impressionable teenage girls. Rumors of free babysitting and having students run chores for him during school hours. I don’t know. We weren’t waiting around for the next shoe to drop. Others also followed. That year 3 juniors left, 2 sophomores left, 2 other Juniors quit the sport altogether. They lost a ton of talent all because Mo Faka is well, a Faka.

Life goes on…




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